Why is adventure so important?

One thing adventure allows us to do is turn off the noise and really listen.

I feel more alive on adventures. Why? Well, maybe it’s because the minutiae of the everyday fades into the background for a moment and I can focus on one thing. If the adventure is a physical one like climbing a rock face, I am singularly focused on my next hold and nothing else. If it’s a traveling adventure, I am away from home and all of the everyday responsibilities. Maybe I feel more alive because I have more time just to be when I’m not managing my life and that of my family.

I get back in touch with myself. I’m not sure how or why this happens. Is it that we return to our child-self? Are we more like we were then because that’s how we used to go through the world – less encumbered by the emotional labour adults are engaged in? As a child, I remember asking my mother from the back seat of our car one day what she was thinking about. She said she was thinking about what to make for dinner. I thought to myself, “Adults think about such boring stuff!” I was right. Maybe when that falls away on a trip or even just the quiet of a morning swim, the more interesting thoughts have a chance to rise to the surface.

Perhaps adventure can be a form of active meditation we use to quiet the nose and listen to what’s important.

What do you get out of adventure in your life?

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