This journey we’re on

When I began this blog, not so long ago, my intention was to write about adventure. I thought about what should define adventure. I thought about all different sorts of adventure – exploration expeditions, solo journeys on land, sea and air. I thought about adventures of the mind and soul. I thought about the arts and entrepreneurship. I thought about all of these different journeys and what united them and how they were different than the journeys people take when they have no other choice – when they must flee a situation that will destroy them in some way. The difference for me is the choice.

Now here we all are on what I’ll call a journey rather than an adventure. One of the interesting things about it, is that the whole world is experiencing the same thing at the same time. This has never happened. Even during world wars, some countries, where the wars are being fought, are much more impacted than those only contributing the war effort. Now, in every country in the world, every person living at this moment is experiencing uncertainty, fear, and loss to varying degrees.

We don’t know where this journey is taking us individually and collectively. I started picturing what this looks like. I imagine a large group of people in a clearing getting ready to go on a long distance hike together. Some have arrived with packs and hiking boots. They are well equipped and can indulge in the luxury of curiosity. Others are woefully unprepared. They’ve come in worn out sneakers, carrying a few supplies in plastic shopping bags. Some people are busily organizing what is needed for those who don’t have the right equipment. Others are checking maps and compasses trying to plan a route into unknown territory. There are a few people who have plenty of supplies, but are hoarding all the cliff bars. Some are ready to set off and see where the trail takes them others would like to return home to their couch and Netflix as quickly as possible.

I have no idea where we are headed as we set off from the clearing, but I have a sense of the kind of journey it will be. People will be pushed. They will be cold, tired, hungry and rain soaked, navigating an unknown slippery trail in the middle of the night… in moments like this we will see who they are, who we are. On journeys like this we get to see people’s true nature. Their grit, kindness, strength or lack of these things..

This is what it feels like to me at the moment. We are headed into the wilderness. Together.